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Brick is a durable element used in construction throughout time, from the ancient Egyptians to the present day. Brick usually lasts a very long time, is an attractive material to work and features other benefits such as being resistant to fire, moisture and wind and being able to handle fluctuations in temperature well.

When selected as the facing surface of any building, brick delivers a powerful statement of what that structure stands for. Riverside represents nearly all major manufacturers. These multiple lines of exterior brick provide architects, developers, builders and homeowners with both numerous solutions to their aesthetic and structural needs that are cost-effective.

As one of the largest suppliers of brick in New Jersey and surrounding areas, we offer numerous styles, structural requirements and price points to suit your building and budget needs.

Molded brick extends the boundaries of traditional brickwork by providing precisely the lines, contours, and sizes most projects demand.

Extruded brick creates even, clean lines while controlling costs and maintaining quality and consistency.

Handmade brick presents a classic, unique look reminiscent of colonial times.

Thin Brick yields a tremendous design palette where space and / or weight limitations prevail.

No matter the size of your project a member of our staff of experts can assist you in planning and customizing every facet of your brick and masonry needs to ensure results that are to your satisfaction and within cost parameters.

Molded Brick

Riverside’s range of colors and styles is unmatched, and our molded brick provides a multitude of options for exteriors in the widest possible range of residential, institutional and commercial structures.

Authentic molded brick offers limitless options and boundless potential for outdoor construction. In adding a patio to a home or constructing a new symphony hall, our varied styles of molded brickwork yield options galore.

Although we carry a seemingly limitless variety of molded bricks we can also commission the production of custom molded bricks to meet your unique design needs. Our staff is ready, willing, and able to craft novel brick creations for nearly any requirement.


Riverside has been a trusted partner to architects, builders, masons, and homeowners for over sixty-five years. Although much has changed over the years, some things are timeless, like our focus on customer service. Likewise, although mass-production techniques have largely supplanted the labor-intensive methods that hand-produced wonderful and varied brick styles, textures and colors in the past, we are still able to offer hand-made brick that embodies the artistry of centuries-old legacy styles resulting in the warmth and charm that only hand-made can imbue. If your project calls for a unique signature that only hand-made can provide we’ll be happy to design, along with you a beautiful old-school hand-molded brick that will be the talk of the town.

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