Thin Brick

Thin Brick Veneer

Because they require less supporting structure, thin brick applications are lighter, require less material to manufacture, require less energy to transport and less labor to install through eliminating shelf angles, lintels, etc.

That said, high quality thin brick translates to impressive architectural possibilities, via multi-purpose real-brick veneer that can augment nearly any surface. Thin brick can transform your project with the rich appearance and lasting service only brick provides.

Riverside offers a wide variety of colors, textures and overall appearance including extruded, molded, handmade and glazed. Thin brick retains the beauty of brick when building design or other considerations may not permit the use of standard brick masonry while still meeting the same high standards of uniformity and quality you expect and deserve.

Natural Veneer Manufactured Veneer
Can it be used structurally? In many but not all, instances yes No, manufactured veneer can only carry its own weight
Thickness Usually 0.75 – 1.75” Full-dimension is at least 2” thick; thin is less than 2”
Colorfast Will not fade Often will fade over time and chipping can occur exposing manufacturing materials
Face size Up to ~ 18” ~14” and larger
Weight About half the natural counterpart
Installation Easier to cut and handle because it is porous and light-weight; predictable sizes
Cost Lower entry price point

Whatever your choice is, stone veneers can definitely highlight the beauty of your home or landscape. Installation can be indoors or outdoors, and used for walls, fireplaces, outdoor kitchen and other structures.

Quality Stone Veneers for New Jersey Clients

Riverside Supply is your choice for stone veneer for your project. We offer a wide array of natural and manufactured stone veneers that will accommodate your budget and your building needs. We carry a very wide variety of stone veneer from many of the most respected producers east of the Mississippi. These companies have been producing quality stone veneers for many years.

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